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Who’s Tea Licensing

Why Who’s Tea?

Our family welcomes you in joining Who’s Tea! We have very experienced staff from finding and financing stores to building and passing permits for your city. Our vast connection in the industry and worldwide allows licensees ease of mind that their store will be successful.  Our entire process of starting each store from scratch will be provided to each licensee. We overview the entire process by introducing our special architects and constructors to ensure that each store is not too different from each other and each licensee achieves their store opening as smooth as possible. Our goal in spreading stores nationwide is to connect with our licenses and our company executives will stand by you each step of the way to make sure that your store is perfect!


Someone who is enthusiastic, confident, ambitious, and admires our brand. Someone who has work experience in business, the food industry, or has a strong resume. Someone who is not self-ego oriented and would like to follow our company’s headquarters’ standards of operation and professional instructions. Someone who is at least 21 years old and has completed and submitted the application form. Someone who is optimistic and positive and able to communicate and work with everyone in the store and other licensees and headquarters. Lastly, someone who is aiming to establish their own career.

Headquarters Support:

The main U.S. headquarters will provide complete training, store designs, publicity designs, as well as grand opening supports.


A minimum of 4 employees are needed at all times in the store. It is recommended that each store hires a minimum of 2 full time employees. Headquarters will send a store manager to train new employees for a period of 2 months. All new employees will be given 1 month for learning the menu and another month for testing employees skills of menu items. In the final week, a company executive will determine whether or not the employees are fit for the stores grand opening.

Contract Period:

Minimum of 3 years

Store Evaluation of Readiness for Grand Opening:

2 week

Layout and Floor Plan:

Who’s Tea will offer a complete set of store plans and designs from our architect as well as our designated constructor for the store remodeling.

Machinery and Equipment:

All store materials; cash register, ice bin, tables, chairs, store electronic designs, and etc, will be provided from headquarters.

Application Overview:

  • Fill out and submit license application form (attach application form)
  • If application is approved, our operations manager will contact you
  • Logistics and details of the store will be explained one by one and all questions answered in meeting.
  • Sign license agreement
  • Get store remodeling and location approved
  • Store machinery and equipment installation
  • Employee training
  • Final walkthrough
  • Store opening