Who’s tea Story

Our name Who’s tea, stems from the Chinese translation of “mustache tea”. When you drink our foamy milk teas, our froth brings small white mark to your lips, creating the famous “Who’s Tea Mustache”. Founded in Taichung, Taiwan, Who’s Tea seeks to change the already saturated boba milk tea market. Traditional boba stores only have small snacks like popcorn chicken and simple interior designs for customers who prefer takeout instead of dining in. At our stores, we’re innovating the market by creating upscale luxury lounges suitable for all purposes, like hosting meetings or job interviews. As well as offering Italian food, hand crafted paninis, and of course our established milk teas, our wide range of dishes can serve lunch and dinner, as well as breakfast on weekends. Whether it’s a light snack or a full serving entree, we have it all.



First from Taiwan, now spreading to all corners of the world. Who’s Tea seeks to bring happiness and a deep connection with customers from afar.



Being extraordinary in every way. To be unique in every aspect of drinks and delicacies, to always be thinking outside of the box. Living to be special.



Each cup of tea is hand brewed meticulously to provide the cleanest taste possible of our organic teas. Our paninis created to satisfy your eyes and your stomach. We’re all about satisfaction of the senses; in a healthy way of course.



Chosen from the best producers in the country, our ingredients are second to none in quality guaranteed. With all organic and natural flavors, no preservatives added. We seek to bring only the freshest and most wholesome ingredients to our customers. We favor our hard working employees to create a family like atmosphere where we all work together to create a better tomorrow.

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U.S. Store Milestone Opening

Since the introduction of the first Who’s Tea store in Taichung, Taiwan, we have franchised up to 30 stores in Taiwan and are now expanding to Vietnam and China. With our first stores opening up in the Bay Area, we look forward to bring you only the best of Taiwan.